Usage areas:

* In Building Industry; gypsum, lime, fine sand, dolomite, calcite, perlite gypsum, cement, stone, coal, pulvarized coal powder etc.

* In Food Industry; feed, seed, flour, salt, sugar etc.


The detection antenna at the end of the Macikap type level switch generates a reduction in the emitted rf power when it encapsulates the particulate matter; when this decrease is greater than the sensitivity setting, the output signal is generated. The desired detection adjustment can be made depending on the material dielectric coefficient and property. It is not affected by dust and silo soil!

  • Connection Type : Max. 2mm² (AWG 14). PG9
  • Detection Delay : 1 sec max
  • Precision : Adjustable
  • Operating Frequency: 1.5 mhz
  • Supply voltage : 15..35 VDC 1.2 W
  • Signal Output : Role 1 changeover contact AC max.250V, 2A, 500VA
  • Indicator Lamp : Green Led
  • Protection class : IP68
  • Ambient Temperature -20° C to +60° C
  • Minimum Intake Itensity : 50g / l
  • Maximum Part Length : 18mm Max.
  • Maximum Mechanical Load : 500N from side onto probe
  • Maximum Tensile Force : 0.5K
  • Maximum Working Pressure : 10 bar
  • Maximum Operating Vibration 5-500Hz RMS random vibration 3G IEC-60068-2-64